Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Use the [grid] shortcode to create a set of pricing tables. You can create a minimum of 2 pricing tables and a maximum of 4 pricing tables.

Two column pricing tables

[cms_grid grid_style=”style-2″ col_xs=”1″ col_sm=”2″ col_md=”2″ col_lg=”2″ source=”size:2|order_by:date|order:ASC|post_type:pricing|tax_query:28″ cms_template=”cms_grid.php”]
[cms_grid grid_style=”style-2″ col_xs=”1″ col_sm=”3″ col_md=”3″ col_lg=”3″ source=”size:3|order_by:date|order:ASC|post_type:pricing|tax_query:29″ cms_template=”cms_grid.php”]

Pricing tables with focus

You can set a pricing table to have focus by using the feature option in the table-config attribute. You can further shift the focus pricing table upwards to create symmetry by using the tm-shift-top option. Notice also how the focused table has more items to make it larger and thus fitting with the shift.

[cms_grid grid_style=”style-2″ col_xs=”1″ col_sm=”2″ col_md=”3″ col_lg=”3″ source=”size:3|order_by:date|order:ASC|post_type:pricing|tax_query:30″ cms_template=”cms_grid.php”]

Four column pricing tables

[cms_grid grid_style=”style-2″ col_xs=”1″ col_sm=”2″ col_md=”3″ col_lg=”4″ source=”size:4|order_by:date|order:ASC|post_type:pricing|tax_query:31″ cms_template=”cms_grid.php”]

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